Session Outline

In the session, the analytical model that learns from the past transactions that will help the rule-based system with the machine learning method will be explained. The model provides a different perspective to the reviewer by calculating the possibility of fraud during the transaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Fraud in aviation industry
  • How can we predict it with ML?
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Deployment


Speaker Bio

Buket Begüm Kutsal – Senior Data Scientist | Turkish Airlines

Buket Begüm Kutsal is a data scientist with a master’s degree in industrial engineering. As a Senior Data Scientist at Turkish Airlines, she currently works on machine learning and data science projects. She started her data science career in the consultancy companies and developed analytical models in the field of behavioral science, CRM analytics, sentiment analysis, segmentation, fraud detection, credit risk models and mathematical modelling.With a background in engineering and data science, her career expands over several industries including banking, online gambling and aviation. She is passionate about working in fast-paced environment and conducting high-impact projects. Buket loves facing with new challenges and dealing with interesting business problems. By applying her knowledge and expertise in data science, she aims to cultivate innovation for the digital era.

March 7 @ 13:50
13:50 — 14:20 (30′)

[M2] Analytics and Data Science Stage

Buket Begüm Kutsal – Senior Data Scientist | Turkish Airlines