Session Outline

Snowpark and Java UDFs Snowflake’s developer experience, Snowpark, enables data engineers, data scientists, and developers to use their preferred language and familiar programming concepts, and then execute these workloads directly within Snowflake.

Key Takeaways

This session will show you how you can use Snowpark and Java UDFs for feature engineering and how to deploy models for in-database scoring. You will learn how to:
  • Easily complete and debug data pipelines with familiar constructs such as DataFrames 
  • How to deploy models for in-database scoring

Speaker Bio

Henrik Nielsen – Principal Sales Engineer | Snowflake
Henrik is a Principal Sales Engineer at Snowflake, having worked in the data management industry since 2001, with businesses spanning several industries like Energy, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Public Sector, and Manufacturing. Henrik’s has since the beginning of his career focused on helping businesses get information and value from their data, through hands-on implementations with technologies from Oracle, Microsoft, and Teradata, advising companies in the process of establishing and building a Data-driven strategy, as well as implementing Centers of Excellence for Business Intelligence and Data Management. Henrik joined Snowflake in February 2019, responsible for the Snowflake business value and technical expertise on the Danish market, as well as supporting strategic customers across the Nordics, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

October 14 @ 13:30
13:30 — 13:50 (20′)

Day 1 | DO | Data Octagon – Online Programme

Henrik Nielsen – Principal Sales Engineer | Snowflake