Session Outline

Based on Solitas experiences from changing the way to work with data in a distributed way in large international organizations, we will distill three core success factors and recommendations. This session will have a pedagogical context, where real client cases are used to understand and nail out the best practices.

Key Takeaways

  • You will understand Distributed Data You will understand different perspectives on the task to get your arms around distributed data and what it does to your business
  • You will get a good understanding of the key recommendations how to run a distributed data initiative using Data Mesh
  • What about central Data Initiatives and Data Warehouses? Is this the end of the Enterprise DH era? We will highlight this interesting question.

Speaker Bio

Antti Loukiala – Tech Lead Data Platforms | Solita
Antti Loukiala is an all-around architect, engineer and developer, with deep knowledge of both microservice based architecture and monolithic data management architectures. He has designed and built data platforms for some of the larger Nordic customers in operating in different domains. Antti is also keen advocated of data mesh and modern data solutions.
Maria Hansson – Data Management & Business Designer | Solita
Maria Hansson has been working with Data Engineering and Data Management since the idea of it was born. She is devoted to bringing value to business and people using data, great technology, good collaborations, overbridging organizational boarders. She works as a Business Designer with strong focus on digitalĀ  ecosystems. She believes that Competence, Strategy and Pedagogical skills have to go hand in hand in order to ensure successful digitalisation and transformation initiatives.

October 15 @ 11:30
11:30 — 11:50 (20′)

Day 2 | M3 | Data Engineering Stage

Antti Loukiala – Tech Lead Data Platforms & Maria Hansson – Data Management & Business Designer | Solita