Session Outline

New technologies like Cloud Computing, knowledge graphs, ranking assets like in Google Search Engine, APIs, AI to mention en few bring a lot to modern Data Cataloguing. In this presentation, you will learn from Luc Legardeur, Co founder of Zeenea, what you should expect from those technological breakthroughs in modern data cataloguing.

Key Takeaways

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Speaker Bio

Luc Legardeur – VP International Operations | ZEENEA

Luc started his career at Microsoft and Oracle. He then held various management positions for American software vendors in Europe. Serial entrepreneur, in 2004, he founded a group of consulting firms in the fields of Agile development and coaching, Java, Data, Mobile, Dotnet and Salesforce. Founder of Xebia and XebiaLabs, he sold these 2 companies recently and joined Zeenea at the start of 2020. Luc is the initial investor of Zeenea and plays an operational role in its international expansion.

October 15 @ 11:30
11:30 — 11:50 (20′)

Day 2 | M4 | Data Management Stage

Luc Legardeur – VP International Operations | ZEENEA