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Marks & Spencer is a 138-year old company that now moves at the speed of a startup. This new iterative, ambitious approach to innovation is driving new areas of revenue growth, personalization, and digital transformation. To support these ambitious business goals, Marks & Spencer has adopted a non-invasive approach to data governance that directly maps to company objectives and makes everyone responsible for accurate, well-governed data use — rather than relying on top-down controls and restrictions. Underlying this approach to data governance is the Alation Data Catalog, a key component to curating the content of data, creating a shared understanding of what the data means, and fostering a virtuous cycle that rewards adoption with tangible benefits, whether the user is a data engineer, data scientist, or analyst. Find out how Marks & Spencers is employing a non-invasive approach to data governance, underpinned by the Alation Data Catalog, to drive business results (rather than impeding them).

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Speaker Bio

Phil Jones – Data Quality and Governance Manager | Marks & Spencer

Phil heads up the Data Governance and Data Quality practice within Marks and Spencer, with many years of experience of different aspects of data management and governance. He believes that data can be used to transform the way that organisations operate, make decisions, and best serve the needs and desires of their customers. He has also experienced the consequences of poorly managed data, impacting operational efficiency, the time to deliver insight, and decision-making. This is what led him to create a data governance capability in M&S from scratch so that data can be better managed for the benefit of M&S customers and colleagues. He is also on the committee of DAMA UK: an organisation to nurture a community of data professionals to manage data as a key asset to their companies.

March 7 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:15 (30′)

[M3] Data Management Stage

Phil Jones – Data Quality and Governance Manager | Marks & Spencer