Session Outline

Kevin Larsson, Head of BI & Analytics at Fastighets AB Balder, will share his experience of modernizing Balder’s data estate and creating a more data-driven organization. This based on a strategy that was established in 2020 with the vision of revolutionizing the way real estate approaches data management.

Key Takeaways

  • Setting a vision for Business Intelligence
  • Defining a roadmap, stakeholders and tech stack priorities
  • Planning a migration from on-prem to the Azure cloud
  • Orchestrating the migration with TimeXtender, benefits and key learnings


Speaker Bio

Kevin Larsson – Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics | Fastighets AB Balder

Kevin studied at School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, where a passion evolved of how data and analytics may create business value and transform businesses or industries to new horizons. He started his employment as a business intelligence consultant, which after a couple of years turned into a team manager role. As of Fall 2019, Kevin works as Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics at one of the largest real estate companies in the Nordics, Fastighets AB Balder. The mission of the role is to create a more data-driven organization that includes everything from the technical to the organizational aspects. In an industry with great prospects that in many cases have not yet been exploited, the vision is to find new business opportunities and develop a more efficient decision-making process with the benefit of data in combination with the competence of the employees. His belief is that this combination will make the entire organization to grow together and take advantages of the different assets that exists and may occur in the future.

October 15 @ 12:00
12:00 — 12:20 (20′)

Day 2 | M4 | Data Management Stage

Kevin Larsson – Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics | Fastighets AB Balder