Session Outline

Frameworks can contribute on many levels. A competent framework should be the foundation for any data management solution but it also makes sense to lay a good foundation for all of your machine learning and analytics use cases. Create an agile but robust foundation to accelerate all of your use cases.But we can also use frameworks for non-technical aspects of our work such as how to work with data governance and security as well as how we create analytical products and manage them.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how frameworks can be used to accelerate technical implementations
  • Understand how non-technical frameworks such as data governance framework or requirement framework can be utilized to speed up all of the work around the technical implementation. 
  • Understand how to work with frameworks without creating bottlenecks and rigid structures.


Speaker Bio

Olo Granberg – Director of Data and Advanced Analytics Technology | ICA Gruppen

16+ years ago, Olof started out as a developer, architect and various other roles in a large consultancy and quickly found his calling in Analytics. He had the opportunity to work with both small and large customers
to help them modernise their analytics and processes around analytics until in 2010 when he joined ICAfor the first time. At the ICA Group, he leads the technical side of delivering data and machine learning solutions to give the business the greatest possible value and make every day a little easier for the

October 14 @ 13:30
13:30 — 13:50 (20′)

Day 1 | M4 | Data Management Stage

Olof Granberg – Director of Data and Advanced Analytics Technology | ICA Gruppen